The Pro Westler Part 2 ( A real story, not a Hollywood story )

By: Mr. Holmes

Continuing on, the night before I was set to make the big trek to Cleveland, I got hammered with all my boys. I was so excited; I had around $1500 in my pocket to get me started and hopefully fulfill my dream of becoming a pro wrestler. I did not drive at the time, so the next day my step father drove me the eight hours down to Cleveland while I slept off the previous night.

I was so young and dumb at the time it was scary. I was so new to the real world. I grew up in this small town bubble and this was my first taste of life outside of Wisconsin. As soon as I arrived, I found the school; it was in the middle of the ghetto in Cleveland, houses and businesses were boarded up and there were homeless and trash on all the streets. It was too much of a culture shock to me.  Remember, I did not drive, so I planned on walking every place I had to go. I was not mature or ready enough for where I was.

I got the clincher that night. The person who was gonna train me called me to see if I had arrived. He then informed me I would be the first person he was ever gonna train. He had lied to me and presented himself as a real wrestling trainer. The next morning, as my step father was getting ready to leave, I told him to hang on because I was going back with him. I felt so dumb that I fell for this man’s shit. I knew enough about the wrestling business that I didn’t want to start my career off like this, to be poorly trained by some shmuck.  I felt horrible leaving. I felt like I let all my friends and family down. There was this big build up and then 24 hours later I am home. I felt like a failure before I even started. I know secretly most of my family and friends probably thought that would be it, that I would get a normal job or go to school and move on with my life. But I was determined to try again!

I was depressed about the situation. I still felt horrible, and plus I wasted the money I had saved drinking with my friends. I finally shook the feeling, and a few months later, by the grace of god, I met George and Sharon Thorne.

George and Sharon owned a rental property and appraisal business in the Green Bay area.  My step father and uncle were working there, and one day I went to a temp agency to find a job. I didn’t drive of course, so after the temp agency appointment I went and waited at the office where my step dad was working.  He was training to become a real estate appraiser at George and Sharon’s. There were a few hours before it was time to go home.  I was bored and the people in the office were swamped and asked if I could help out by doing a small task; I said sure. George took a liking to me, and a day or two later he called and offered me the job I so desperately needed.

If it wasn’t for the Thornes I would never have become a wrestler. They offered me a non-physical job in the office where I could save up money to try the wrestling thing again. I would work for him for the next nine months. I know they may never see or read this but I want this in writing: thank you George and Sharon for letting me live my dream. They will be integral in my future as well.

Meanwhile, I was sending out letters again to find a wrestling school. I sent another one to Mike Shaw in Marquette, MI.  About a week later I received a letter from Mr. Shaw that would change my life forever.


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