The Pro Wrestler Part 3 (A real story, not a Hollywood story)

Part 3 in the series

By: Mr. Holmes

I get home from work and get the mail and there it was: finally a reply from Mike Shaw and his pro wrestling school.

Shamrock Bar a popular hang out for students at NMU now closed

He had all the information I always needed. He helped me get an apartment and a job working as a bouncer at this college nightclub called the Shamrock in Marquette, MI.  We set everything up in a couple weeks.  My parents helped get me a U-Haul for my few items, and before I knew it the day was there. I was 20 and moving out, and not to go to college or to live with a girl or a buddy.  I went from living in a town of 365 people to moving to a different state that I had only visited once.  I knew absolutely nobody, and I never really lived on my own so it was going to be tough.  I remember saying goodbye to my mom. She was crying, which of course made me cry too.  I had to do it though; I was chasing my dream.

I got to my apartment on a Saturday, and my lovely landlords didn’t have the power turned on. After my step-father at the time (a real loser by the way) left it all hit me.  Here I am in a different state by myself in the dark with no power.  I found the local store, bought a Gatorade and some batteries for my radio and cried myself to sleep.

The next day I went and found the wrestling school. I noticed the bus station was right across the road, I thought about just buying a ticket and going home.  You have to realize I wasn’t prepared to live on my own. I never paid all my bills, bought my own food, or got the power and phone turned on. Plus, I had horrible anxiety about having to go to this wrestling school in a few days, not knowing what to expect.

The next day I stayed at the local Ramada because I needed fax machines and copy machines to get stuff together to get my power turned on.   That day, Kelly Shaw, my trainer’s wife, stopped by the hotel to pick up the $500 deposit for wrestling school.  I was so nervous I could barely look her in the eye.  She told me some time later she thought for sure I would never make it in the school, and I would never be a pro wrestler because I was so shy.

The next Monday morning I was told by the power company I had to come to their office in person to get it turned on.   I begged them to let me give me the info over the phone because I did not drive at the time (we will get to that later) and had no idea how the buses ran and was too shy and nervous to ask someone for help. So, I walked it.  From the hotel to power company then back to my apartment was a 15 to 20 mile round trip.  I started out early morning, and when I got to the power company of course it took 30 seconds of giving them information I could have given them over the phone.  I got home late in the afternoon, but now I finally had power.

So far my experience had not been fun.  There was a make or break moment coming, though. I was going to wrestling school the next day. With the experience I already had in Marquette, this was it. If that first day did not go well, I was on the first bus home.

Mike Shaw

Rest in Peace Mike Shaw. You will be missed.

P.S. This blog and my life is all due to the Shaw family, especially my trainer Mr. Mike Shaw. Mike died two years ago yesterday, September 11th 2010.  RIP Mike. I hope this and everything I have done in wrestling has made you proud.


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