The Pro Wrestler Part 4 (A real story, not a Hollywood story)

Part 4 in the series

By: Mr. Holmes

Needless to say I was very nervous walking to the school; so many thoughts were running through my head.  I thought if I could just get in the ring and take that first bump maybe I would be ok.  The school started at six. Of course, I got there at 5:30 as I had no idea how long it would take for me to walk down there.  Mike was not there and neither were any of the other students. But, who was there was all the muay thai students setting up the ring at the gym.

It was my first day so I did not know who to talk to or anything. So, I was standing there waiting for Mike when this asshole comes up to me and says, “Get out of here you fat fuck.”  At this point, I kind of freaked. I was a young kid and not very confrontational so I just said “fuck this” and left.  I have become much harder since then and if that same thing happened today I probably would be in jail for assault.  What saddens me is that I never ran into that guy again for the whole year. Maybe he died or maybe he moved. In all the time of me going to that school I never saw him again.

I walked home like a little girl and started to pack my bags when there was a knock on my door. It was Mike; I explained what happened to him, (I left out the part of the muay thai guy shaming me) telling him I was there and nobody else was so I told him I thought I went on the wrong day.  He said he was just running late that day and I should start tomorrow at six.  In a very odd way, Mike Shaw always had the ability to calm me down and make me believe in myself without ever being an asshole. I think he knew my psyche right away and knew what I was going through.

The next day, I got to the school the same time Mike did.  We talked for a while and we walked in the school.  Some of the other students were there and already in the ring warming up taking different moves.  Some were working on hip tosses.  A hip toss is when one person sticks his arm underneath the armpit of another and flips him over so one person is lying flat on their back.  The person taking it basically does a front flip with the person giving the maneuver guiding them over.  I thought, no way my 380 pound (at the time) fat ass could flip over; boy was I dead wrong.   I barely touched any of the other students that day.  Mike got in the ring with me and started showing me the very basics like locking up, running the ropes, taking bumps, and basic chain wrestling.  I would see and learn later on that this was very rare for Mike, as he hardly ever physically got in the ring. The first day went very well; I was kind of a natural at it.

I was a natural at it because of countless hours of studying wrestling tapes from all over the world.  I watched all wrestling shows and tapes twice–the first for entertainment as of course I was a huge fan, the second in slow motion to study how they did things.   I was ahead of the game before I even stepped foot in the ring.   I studied all information on the internet, television or in magazines on pro wrestling in preparation for wrestling school.

Before I get back to the story, I owe thanks for much of my early prep to the person who is (besides my wife of course. Don’t get mad honey!) my best friend in the entire world, my first cousin Steve.  When we were little kids growing up we would “fake wrestle” at the backyard of grandparents’ bar, Joe’s Lucky 13.  Steve was the best athlete that I had ever seen.  He was an outstanding amateur wrestler and played varsity baseball as a freshman. The list goes on and on. He loved watching pro wrestling.  He got me into it.  He was five years older than me and we were both only children at the time, so I was his de facto little brother.  He terrorized me for years when we were kids, making me fake wrestle all the time with him when I didn’t want to.   I got the snot kicked out of me by Steve when we were kids but I never hated him. He was my hero and my role model when I was growing up and in writing this I am so happy he did that.  He made me into a man and developed my love for pro wrestling.  He taught me how to play every sport and to be tough.  I just want to thank him here and say I love you.  I could not have had this amazing story and fulfilled my dreams without youimage.

So, I was a natural on day one. Then I got my clock cleaned taking a clothesline from this 5ft 11′ blond haired kid who weighed maybe 160 pounds at the time.  I thought to myself, who is this asshole and by god does he know this is entertainment?!  He called himself Supreme Brett Powers and he talked like he was a game show host.  Needless to say I was not fond of him the 1st day I met him.  Given time, though, I became so close to him that he stood alongside me the day I was married.  That story comes next week…thanks for reading!

October 6th, come to Escanaba, MI at the Delft Night Club for UPW Pro Wrestling featuring the King of the U.P. tournament and watch as Judge Jesse and Mr. Holmes take on Romeo Valentino and Vito Von Guido in a Police Brutality Match (handcuffs and nightsticks are legal) for the UPW Tag Team Championship. Doors open at 6:00p.m. Eastern Standard Time. Check out UPW’s page for more info:


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