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The Pro Wrestler Part 6 (The Real Story, Not a Hollywood Story)

Part 6 in the series

By: Mr. Holmes

It was January 18th 2000, or there about, in Sault Ste Marie, MI at the Kewadin Casino where my first match took place. My trainer, Mike Shaw, was asked to be the booker on a couple of big shows.  The first was at the Kewadin in the Sault and the second was in Marquette,MI at the High School.  I had been training for only three months, but Mike told me I was ready for my first match in front of people.  I was excited–I would be wrestling my buddy the Irish Luchador Billy Mcneil.  What I was even more excited about was my mom was coming to my first match, and all my friends made plans to take a trip to my second match in Marquette.

kewadin casino

Kewadin Casino

The first match was scheduled for Saturday; the second obviously on Sunday.  My boys came up to Marquette on Friday to spend a couple of days in Marquette and party at the club I bounced at.   My friends got to Marquette late Friday. They were gonna pick me up and I was gonna stay with them at their hotel for the night; then I was off to my first ever match while my friends would stay behind party for the day. Then on Sunday I would meet back up with them and hang out for a while before the second show started in Marquette.

I would be wrestling Billy both nights and Mike told us we would be splitting the victories and he did not care which one of us won where.  I thought it would be cool for my friends to see me win for the first time so I told Billy I would do the job (lose) in the Soo and go over (win) in Marquette.  Billy was cool with that; quite frankly, neither of us gave a damn who won we just wanted to get in there and hopefully perform well. mshs1

My friends got to my house at around 11:00 on Friday night. As I looked out the window I saw the van doors open up and smoke of all kinds billowed out. We went to their hotel and of course chaos ensued.   I did not partake in any of the festivities of course as I was nervous about my debut the next day.   Within the first couple of minutes at the hotel, the ironing board was completely destroyed by my friends performing flying maneuvers off their beds onto it (the power of alcohol).  Said ironing board had its serial number removed and sent down the elevator by itself.   As the party wound down around 4AM my friend Jason and I were the last two up in one of the adjoining rooms. I was up because I was nervous about the day coming up and Jason was up because he couldn’t stop talking about how sweaty his hands were as he fought off the urge to puke (he did battle and win, by the way. Nice job, Jason). In hindsight it may have not been the best way to prepare for my first professional wrestling match. The weekend would be a success but more hilarity ensued, which I will get to next time.

Jason held his puke like a champion that night. That is my championship belt Jason has on and I had the bruises to prove I earned it. That is another story.

By the way, for those who have been asking (and there have been literally one or two of you) I am currently no longer wrestling for UPW in Michigan or anywhere for that matter.   In the coming blogs, I will continue my story as a pro wrestler, but next time I will take a break from my story of how it all started and tell you the story of how it all ended.

To be continued…


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The Pro Wrestler (A real story not the Hollywood version)

By: Mr. Holmes

I have always been “different”.  I have been big all my life, but have been able to do things athletically.  In baseball I was the fat kid, but I stole the most bases. In football I was a 300 lbs. kicker. I was never conventional.  So the first time I saw pro wrestling as a kid I was in awe.  These guys were all freaks, large men that moved gracefully telling the story of good vs evil.  I was instantly hooked. When it came time to pick a career in high school as a probable cry for attention and to get noticed by the girls I told everyone I wanted to be the next, Hulk Hogan, Ric Flair, HHH, Shawn Michaels, The Rock, and Stone Cold Steve Austin. In short I was going to be the next big thing in wrestling.  Little did I know being a pro wrestler would never and I mean ever “Jericho” help me with the ladies.  I got some attention at school and I did love pro wrestling so it was what I went with.  The funny thing is the more I thought about it the more I thought I could do it.

Well how does one become involved in pro wrestling, I was a 350lbs tub of shit at the time so it wasn’t like I was gonna run into someone at the gym.  I bought all the information I could on how to contact wrestling schools and what to ask. I remember sending one to a former WWE and WCW pro wrestler Mike Shaw aka Norman the lunatic, Bastion Booger among others characters in Marquette, MI .

Norman the Lunatic aka Mike Shaw

Bastion Booger aka Mike Shaw

He advertised a pro wrestling school where you could possibly live the dream.   I lived in Green Bay, WI at the time so it was the closest place.  The year was 1998 I was 19 yrs old waiting for a return letter from Mr Shaw that wouldn’t come.  I must of sent it to the wrong place.

I had sent out a few letters and got some reply’s, one from a school in Florida, and one from a place in Cleveland, Ohio.  I chose Cleveland, closer to my family.  What I didn’t know is that it would last all of 24 hours.

Mike Shaw 1957-2010


Next installment to come Soon

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