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The Pro Wrestler Part 5 (A Real Story, Not a Hollywood Story)

Part 5 in the series

By: Mr. Holmes

So, I left off my last post explaining how I met my best friend in pro wrestling, Supreme Brett Powers.   Like many of my good friends in pro wrestling, I met him after he beat the shit out of me.  It’s funny, you meet a guy in wrestling, and the more you beat the shit out of each other, the more money you make, and the more money you make the better friends you become.  Weird, huh? That is pro wrestling.

I started working with Brett early on in my training and he threw the most devastating clothesline I have ever felt–it could crush concrete.   I quickly figured out, however, that Brett was just like all of us–still learning and did not mean any harm.  Brett is, personality-wise, my perfect friend, the yin to my yang.   I have known him since 2000 and have never had one cross word with him.  Early on, though, I was very shy with all the other students in the school. We trained together and that was it.  I was and still am a very private person and it takes a while for me to get comfortable and open up with new people.  So, we trained together but then I was quickly paired with the Irish Luchador Billy McNeil.

Wrestling-wise me, and Billy clicked right away. Our chemistry in the ring as opponents was fantastic, so Mike kept us working together.  To be honest, Billy and I progressed quicker in the school than anyone else and were just more comfortable working with each other.  Mike would often give us more practice time in the ring than everyone else because he could see potential in us right away.   We were allowed to train extra days or come in a few hours before the school started and get extra work in.   Early on I became very good friends with Billy and we hung out quite a bit after a while.

During this time, Brett was progressing, but wasn’t quite at my or Billy’s level.  I was always friendly with Brett, but he lived in Escanaba and I lived in Marquette so we never hung out while I lived in Michigan.  Very early on in my career, Brett and I were friends but not how we would become later on.  Trust me, in my coming blogs Brett will be prominently featured. (Hope you read that Supreme)

I got a pretty nice break meeting and getting to work with Billy McNeil early in my career.  My first week training at the school he wasn’t there; he was on the road in Wisconsin having one of his first matches with someone named Judge Jesse, which of course is interesting because as I type this, the current UPW Tag Champions are Mr. Holmes and, you guessed it, Judge Jesse.  There was a buzz with the other students about how good Billy was and I was getting nervous waiting to meet the top student. I never seen him and did not know what he looked like.

About a week or so after my first days of training, I was getting comfortable with everyone at the school, and then Billy walked in with his then-girlfriend Rachel.  Billy was all of 5’10” and about 140 pounds. But I was intimidated none the less.  I figured since I just started and was so huge, surely I would not be working with the top student right away.  Of course Mike saw something in me early and within minutes I was in the ring with the top student practicing spots and immediately we clicked in and out of the ring.    He would be my very first opponent in front of a crowd.

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